**Please note changes have been made to both the retail and label code of conduct ahead of RSD 2022 so read through carefully.**


Sign up for shops will open in December. Please check back here then for more details on how to take part or email courtenay@eraltd.org asking to be notified when sign up opens. 


We are now taking submissions for RSD 2022. The final date in which you can submit a product for 2022 is 19th November 2021.

Submit your titles for the official RSD UK list by completing the product submission form and signing the label code of conduct and sending to rsdsubmissions@eraltd.org 

You should not go into production on an intended RSD release without getting approval first.

The earlier you submit the quicker we can approve. Due to the anticipated high volume of submissions, it may take 5-7 days to deliver approvals if you submit in the final week. You should download the RSD spreadsheet template and label code of conduct 

Black Friday 2021

To take part in Black Friday 2021, labels will need to complete and return the product submission form and fill in the label code of conduct (if you have not already taken part in RSD 2021).

The deadline for submitting Black Friday releases is 26th July 2021. If titles are not received and finalised by this date they may not be added to the Black Friday list 

You should not go into production until your release has been approved by the RSD board first. 

Record Store Day Logo

If you wish to use the logo you must obtain permission from the Record Store Day organisers, who will need to approve printed materials etc in advance. You can email admin@eraltd.org to request permission.

I want to perform on Record Store Day...

Let us know the area you wish to perform in and we can let local stores know you are available but arrangements must be made direct with the store. You can find local stores by using our Store Locator and set up a performance direct. The Record Store Day organisers do not arrange the in-store events as each store is responsible for their own activities.