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81 Renshaw Street, Liverpool, L1 2SJ


81 Renshaw
Event Date: 13 Apr 2019

81 Renshaw 
We’ll be opening the front bar at 7.30am for hot drinks, bacon butties and veggie sausage sandwiches. We’ll be opening the venue as a pop-up shop at 8.00am.We’ll be stocking as many of the releases as we possibly can (last year well over 400). We’re committing to having a large amount of stock on the most popular releases.

We will be joined by staff from the Music Archive dept at John Moore University who will be here to show some of the treasures from their collections and chat to visitors about their musical memories of Merseyside. There will be over 50 different archives of rare, valuable or unique items, mainly themed around 20th century popular culture. Through long-standing collaborations with collectors and writers such as Jon Savage, on view will also be a selection of fanzines, photographs and Eric’s Club tickets which will bring back lots of memories for visitors.

The highlight of the display will be The John Lennon Time Capsule which will be on display for the first time ever in a public venue.There will be live music, drink offers and other exciting things in the afternoon. Watch this space for more details.


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