About X Records

Give us the background... when and why did you decide to open a record shop?

Born in the sixties in Bolton, traded here since the mid-eighties, moved to the present store in the heady days of 1990 led by the events of the time coming from the punk era to the Madchester times whilst being very closely linked to the emergence of thrash and grunge bands. Before opening the shop, I was finding it harder to get the records I wanted. There were loads of record shops but all very similar and mainstream, I was looking for different punk bands that were emerging at the time and couldn’t find many of their records. I used to work as a surveyor before opening the store, it involved travelling around North West and I would always find the time to look for and visit whatever record stores that were available. That more than anything made me decide to have my own version of a record shop.

The shop is open to anyone and everyone, our customer base has changed very much over the years. As stores have closed, we now have a cross section of customers with very varied tastes and that is what we are here for - to cater for what people are after and not just the music we like. We have had a long list of famous people in the shop over the years and still to this day from comedians to musicians, actors, writers etc featuring the likes of Maxine Peake, Hovis Presley, Take That, Razorlight, Bruce Dickinson, Kim Wilde and many more really. We’re hoping to have many in-store performances once restrictions are eased.

First one I remember selling was Fleetwood Mac Rumours and the last one we sold in the shop was also Fleetwood Mac Rumours. It’s by far our biggest selling record, when you get to the edge of seventeen, whenever you are seventeen, that’s the record to buy.

The first records I bought were from the local newsagent with the money from the paper round that I did there. Three 45’ s for 45p Sweet Hell Raiser on one side, Slade gudbuy t’jane on the other and Vicky Leandros hidden in the middle. The first album came from ASDA, out on a shopping treat with my mum. I really wanted the first Stranglers album Rattus Norvegicus, but my mum didn’t want that punk music in the house, we compromised on Cat Scratch Fever by Ted Nugent, oh the irony.

My all-time favourite shop had to be Vibes in Bury. The first shop I was spending my own money in, amazing selection of hard-to-find releases and great imports, it really did have the right vibe.

The Bruce Dickinson in store was a bit special, long time ago in 1993. The shop was absolutely packed, Bruce did a short acoustic set. It all went well, then we went out the back of the shop to the tour van and it had been clamped.

Far too many to just be able to choose one, very thankful to have seen the Jam and the Clash many times.

Hi fidelity – Nick Hornby, its real life!

Once Were Warriors - Temuera Morrison film

All the early 70’s punk albums , SPECIAL MENTION for HELIOS CREED – X Rated Fairy Tales

All the early 70’s punk bands with a bit of the Doors and Bowie on the side

Siouxsie and the Banshees – A Kiss in the Dream House