About Wrecking Ball Music

Give us the background... when and why did you decide to open a record shop?

Having spent 30 years in the Transport Business I made the decision to change career and follow my passion which is music, in 2018 I joined up with local Independent Book Publisher and Poet Shane Rhodes to start Wrecking Ball Music and Books. We love what we do and owning a record and book shop is a labour of love.

We have expanded our store over the last year to include both a café area and a self-contained first floor arts space. We sell a wide variety of music from classic rock to classical and have over 20,000 vinyl in stock as well as thousands of CD’s and Books.  Our staff are young and passionate about their work and we believe we have a great team to help us move forward. We have lots of regular customers, all are very important to us. We like many other shops occasionally have strange requests, for eg recently a chap walked in and asked if we sold Tractors! 


I do not remember the first record sold, but the first book we sold was local Poet Dean Wilson’s With collection, our most recent sale was a mint copy of Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd. 

My first record shop was Regis Records in Hull, a family owned store where I picked up my first ever single in 1972 aged just 9 (C Moon by Wings), I also loved a second hand store in Hull called John Sheridan, many people have fond memories of that shop.

My fav record shop in the UK is Vinyl Tap in Huddersfield, outside the UK it’s Concerto in Amsterdam.

All of them stick out, I still feel a sense of excitement every time I walk into a record store, the anticipation of what I may find

By combining records with books and also adding a café area gives us the best chance to succeed, we want to create a great experience for our customers.

Frank Zappa – Boston   Feb 19th 1988

A Wizard, A True Star – Paul Myers

The Shining

The Beatles – We Can Work It Out

Todd Rundgren – Just One Victory

Kate Bush – Running Up That Hill

Frank Zappa – G-Spot Tornado

Bob Dylan -  Hurricane

David Bowie – Life On Mars

The Police – Message In A Bottle

Pink Floyd - Dogs

The Beatles / Jimi Hendrix / Frank Zappa / The Strokes / Liam Gallagher

Kate Bush – The Dreaming 

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