About Wax at Moorgate

Give us the background... when and why did you decide to open a record shop?

I've been running a Hi-Fi shop called Moorgate Acoustics for almost 40 years. I've also been into music and when we moved store we realised our basement was suitable to be a record store and so we made it happen. The best thing about coming to work is the same think that is the best thing about owning a record store; music!

It's fairly large and has a nightclub/bar sort of vibe. We also have a stage for live music. We sell mainly rock, metal and blues plus good classic pop. We also have an audiophile section, a used selection and lots of very cheap used CD's. Initially we catered to the hi-fi shop customers but now we have a steady stream of local customers as well. Most my funny stories relate to the hi-fi shop but I am sworn to secrecy on those. 

The first LP we sold was Higher Truth by Chris Cornell and the last was a copy of Big Brother & The Holding Company on Mobile Fidelity.

My first was Violet Mays in Sheffield and I bought Down to Earth by Rainbow on clear vinyl. I remember looking at vinyl with a very limited amount of (pocket) money and also being impressed by how cool the shop staff were. They specialised in rock music and that was why I was in there.

I like Rough Trade and I used to love Selectadisk 

Talking to someone in Virgin who said "you need to buy this. You'll love it" I did and I did! The album was Shake Your Money Maker by The Black Crowes.

Too many. Recently it would be Rival Sons or Blackberry Smoke - two of the finest live bands you'll see in the rock genre. Historically it would be UFO or Thin Lizzy.

The Once and Future King by TH White

One of the Dollar Westerns.

I struggle to narrow it down. But I can you Strangers In The Night by UFO, Live & Dangerous by Thin Lizzy, Led Zep 1, Great Western Valkyrie by Rival Sons and then a revolving selection of finery.


The Rolling Stones, UFO, Lizzy, The Black Crowes, Aerosmith, CCR, Queen (early 70's), Blackberry Smoke, Rival Sons, The Cult & The Struts.

I'm going to say Strangers In The Night