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Give us the background... when and why did you decide to open a record shop?

Started local Record Fairs in 2006 (we are now in 12th Year as Record Fair organisers), with no Record shop in Mold in 2009 the light bulb moment happened when a (very) small shop became available just off the High street. It's something we always dreamed about but never actually thought would happen.

Ours shop is currently the UK's smallest Independent Store at just 67 square feet!
The strange thing is customers love the size and would genuinely be disappointed if we upsized. We concentrate on most forms of Rock , Psych, Krautrock, Electronic, Reggae. Have a local band section. So many funny tales most of them related to the intimacy of the shop.

First LP purchased was 'Deep Purple In Rock', used to regularly visit Skeleton Records in Birkenhead.

King Bees in Chorlton. Manchester, just how you would imagine Record Shops to be like.

Paul Draper did a 'Spooky Action' signing session for us on release of the album. A great day and top guy!
Funny stories....too many but all part of the fun of having your own Record Shop.

Van der Graaf Generator at the Royal Festival Hall 2005

Mark E Smith-Renegade

Lord of the Rings

All by Van der Graaf Generator...any-couldn't choose.

Orbital, PJ Harvey, King Crimson, Steven Wilson ….oh yes and Van der Graaf Generator

Van der Graaf Generator-Pawn Hearts 

Like all small retail outlets we have had to rethink a few things. During lockdown we did Mail order for the first time, 
free local Home deliveries and even drive through collections. Some things we have done to survive will be continued alongside the more preferred method of chat and instore sales , We are edging our way back slowly with a mix of regular opening times and appointments.

It has to be the queue, the dedication of music lovers is something to see and opening the shop on the day is always abit of an emotional experience. We have such wonderful support from great people, never taken for granted.

Events Coming Up

Join us Saturday 23rd April 8am. First come first served, freebies until they go! Inc. ltd edition RSD beer Image

Join us Saturday 23rd April 8am. First come first served, freebies until they go! Inc. ltd edition RSD beer

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