About Vinylstore Jr

Give us the background... when and why did you decide to open a record shop?

I've wanted to run a record shop pretty much my whole life. But in fact got distracted by selling wine, working for charity, running a castle, sitting in beer gardens, and going to festivals. So I have finally decided to stop being distracted, and have in fact now opened a record shop

Vinylstore Jr is a brand new small independent record shop in Canterbury, selling new vinyl only. The focus is on indie and alternative, but also covering pop, rock, jazz, world, electronica, soundtracks etc. There is a distinct focus on the new and exciting, new releases, limited editions, wilfully obscure psychedelia from places as far flung as Russia, Scandinavia, and South America. Basically, the kind of things you're not likely to find in HMV. 

I was brought up in Surrey and used to cycle to Our Price (RIP) in Leatherhead or Epsom to buy records. I loved ELO from a VERY early age and had all their albums on cassette. The first 7" I actually bought for myself was "In a Big Country" by Big Country, which I still kind of love.

After that, I moved into more indie territory with the holy 80s trilogy of The Smiths, The Cure and the Cult. I distinctly remember bunking off school one day to go and buy the new single by the Cult on the day of release! Later, Rough Trade (then in a basement in Covent Garden under a skateboard shop) became a regular place of pilgrimage.

When in London, I will always make a point of visiting Sister Ray on Berwick Street. Piccadilly Records in Manchester is probably my absolute favourite, but I don't get up there that often.

No famous people or funny stories yet...but back in my wine trade days, I have sold wine to David Gray, Morcheeba, Turin Brakes, and Englebert Humperdinck among others! We have local Canterbury favourites Syd Arthur in for an in-store on just our second weekend of opening, so that will be exciting!

Too many to mention. Nirvana at SOAS (with Tad!) at one of their first UK gigs, then again at the Astoria with Mudhoney in 1989. Smashing Pumpkins supported by Verve at Brixton Academy back in 1993. And the astonishing combination of Dinosaur Jr, Blur, The Jesus and Mary Chain and My Bloody Valentine all together (Brixton Academy again,1992). More recently, Foals were fabulous in Margate last year. Pearl Jam were awesome at Arras in 2012. I saw the magnificent Dungen in a tent at Latitude this year. And Radiohead were their usual astonishing selves at Lollapalooza in Berlin this year.

"Walking on Glass" by Ian Banks, probably

Depending on mood, Withnail and I, or Garden State

Sonic Youth: Trilogy, Sigur Ros: Untitled 8 (popplagio), Dinosaur Jr: Freakscene

Any combination of Radiohead, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Sigur Ros, Sonic Youth, Thin White Rope (most under-rated band ever!), Spiritualized, Loop, Ride, Foals, Justice, Mogwai, Tame Impala. That should do me OK.

Sonic Youth- Daydream Nation. Perfect from beginning to end.