About Vinyl Revival

Give us the background... when and why did you decide to open a record shop?:

My father had a record stall on Oldham Market in the 70's and 80's and i worked on the stall from the age of 10. I soon caught the vinyl bug and was collecting records from an early age. I was mainly into post punk and mod revival and the first gigs I went to were The Jam and Blondie in 1978 age 10. In 1997 I got disillusioned with my day job and starting buying up records from charity shops and advertised in the local paper for vinyl collections and by late 97 I opened a small unit in a place called The Emporium on Oldham Street in Manchester. In 1998 a shop on Hilton Street in the Northern Quarter became available and has been my base ever since.

We cater for all genres of music such as Punk, Soul, Reggae, Jazz, Indie, Folk, Rock, House and Hip Hop. As Manchester has a rich musical heritage we also stock a lot of local bands from the 60s to present day. The shop also stocks a wide range of music memorabilia including t shirts, posters , mugs etc. We have a mixed range of customers from very young to very old. Also had a lot of famous customers over the years such as members of Elbow, Stone Roses, The Smiths, Inspiral Carpets, Martin Freeman, Irvine Welsh, Steve Davis and a lot of bands from overseas who come to the play in the city.

We also run a small label from the shop which we started in 2007. 

Unable to recall the first record I sold but have sold a lot of rarities over the years to other dealers and famous collectors. I remmber Thurston Moore once paying £250 for a Mandy Morton Lp. Last record  sold was Talk Talk The Colour Of Spring. 

Working on the market stall in the late 70s was the start of my obsession with vinyl and there was a number of other good record stalls on the market which was always my first port of call on a Saturday morning. I had a stack of 45s at the age of 10 which my father had given to me with a Phillips portable record player so I was listening to the likes of Buddy Holly, Elvis, The Beatles and The Who. The first single I remember purchasing was The Puppet by Echo and The Bunnymen from the underground market in Manchester and the first Lp I purchased was Glory Boys by Secret Affair. The other noteable shops I would visit were Collectors Records in the underground market and Piccadilly Records.

My other favourite shops are King Bee in Chorlton Manchester. Considering it's out of the way it always has great stock at good prices. I tend to hunt out shops abroad as well and New York was a favourite hunting ground for a few years. Another was a shop called Pandemonium which was run by a guy called George Davenport. He used to treat the stock as his own collection and had nearly a million records at one point. I was lucky enough to go in and buy a lot of rarities before the stock was sadly water damged by continuos flooding. The place was a diggers dream and found some gems in there.

See above. I spent nearly a year going through the singles in George Davenport's shop before any other dealers were allowed in .

Gil Scott Heron at the Music Box and any Michael Head gigs where he is sober.

The Adventures Of A Reluctant Messiah by Richard Bach.

Cool Hand Luke

Gene Clark  No Other

The Stone Roses  S/T

Marvin Gaye  What's Going On

Paul Weller Wild Wood

Michael Head & The Strands Introducing The Strands

Gil Scott Heron  Terry Callier  The Jam  The Smiths  Joy Division

Buddy Holly   Sam Cooke  Shack  The Stone Roses  The Clash

Hard one as I discover new tracks and albums on a weekly basis but currently it would be Gene Clark  No Other.