Vinyl Hunter is a record store and coffee shop. We have spent parts of this year travelling to other countries to buy specialist genres, in particular Brazilian Samba & MPB, Funk and a broad range of electronic music. Vinyl Hunter like to support local bands and artists. Bury St Edmunds has a great music scene with lots of up and coming bands such as Horse Party who played at our grand opening September 2015. We also recently celebrated our first birthday with some great local bands and 90s legends Dodgy.
Once a month we host an open deck DJ event in the shop in conjunction with Bury St Edmunds based Illustrious Radio and Ken from The Rehearsal Rooms, who offer the only complete DJ courses this side of London. The event is open to all and each person who has a 20-minute set to play whatever music they like. One member of another great live Bury Band The Virtues, James Green has recently joined the Vinyl Hunter team. James's skills as a musician and songwriter also brings a unique quality to the shop. We have rapidly built up a loyal customer base many have become great friends. Customers are the best thing about owning a record shop, meeting so many people from all walks of life all with a story to tell. When someone comes in for the first time that we can introduce to a new band or artist and they come back and tell us how much they loved them, it makes it all worthwhile. A shop and interaction between people will never be recreated by the internet and we believe the future of record stores is to create a social environment for people to meet and share a love of music and vinyl. We also love meeting the collectors from days gone by who are dusting down their vinyl collection and coming to us for a turntable to play them on and to explore new genres.

Will: The first record shop I ever went to was Rough Trade in East London. The first record I ever bought was Bob Marley ‘Natty Dread’.
Ross: Being Bury born and bred, my first ever record shop was Andy’s Records (it was at the top of the street to where Vinyl Hunter is now) The first single I ever bought was Dodgy ‘Staying Out For The Summer’ on blue vinyl. The first album I ever bought was Oasis ‘Definitely Maybe’.
James: The first record shop I went to was called ‘Vinyl Villains’ in Edinburgh a few years back, it was a basic record shop; small dark, selling vintage and new releases. I bought myself a new reissue of Black Sabbath Vol 4, complete with the Virtigo swirl.

Will: The best record store I have ever visited was an invite-only treasure trove in Rio De Janeiro calls Super Nut Records. Fabio Pereira, the owner of the store has been collecting for years, and with over 30,000 records took me on a sonic journey of Brazilian music, specifically the Samba genre, and a traditional form of Brazilian music originating from the North-Eastern regions of the country known as Carimbo.

Ross: On the same street as Andy’s Records was a vintage record shop called the Record Peddler. It was great as its range was vast. I still have many 60s’ original first pressing from that time that are now worth an incredible amount - not that i would ever dream of selling them! Sadly it closed a few years ago but I'm so lucky with the vintage records that we get to see each day here at Vinyl Hunter. We have had some real gems appear in the shop such as the first Slade LP (Ambrose Slade) and a Beatles ‘Let It Be’ Box Set complete with book.

James: Wax factor in Brighton has a versatile range of records, with a bit of everything. You are always guaranteed to find your favourite artist or a hidden gem.

On the day we opened the doors for the first time, one of our first customers was Andy of Andy’s Records. He was thrilled to see an independent record shop open again in Bury St Edmunds and especially St Johns Street! We were lucky to have an in store event with Kate Jackson, celebrating the release of her latest album “British Road Movies”, where she also hand signed 50 limited edition copies of the record, including an insert exclusive to our store. Kate frequently comes into the shop and it was great to support the release of her album.

Ross: November 2003 Wembley Arena, London - David Bowie - A Reality Tour. With his passing earlier this year I feel just so privileged to have seen him perform. He was in great voice and the band was so tight. The set list was a real treat and included the hits as well as deeper album cuts such as the wonderful ‘Fantastic Voyage ‘from the album ‘Lodger’.

Too many to list so here is Ross 'top 4!
Nicholas Pegg - The Complete David Bowie
Penny Valentine - Dancing With Demons: The Authorised Biography Of Dusty Springfield
Cynthia Lennon - John
George Orwell - 1984

V For Vendetta (Its scary how much of it is coming true)

Kate Bush - Wuthering Heights
David Bowie - Life On Mars?
The Beatles - Strawberry Fields Forever

Rosie: Set The Scene - The Sun will shine every day and the Headliner Slot is a double bill with an equally important afternoon slot everyday around 4pm, where a Legend will perform in the sunshine.

Afternoon Slot - Bob Marley & The Wailers
Evening Closer - Elvis White Suit Era, Bruce Springsteen comes on to do 3 songs with Elvis
Burning Love, Fire and Thats All Right Mamma
Afternoon Slot - Kurt Cobain doing an Unplugged acoustic with David Bowie coming on to do Man Who Sold the World
Evening Closer - Queen with Freddie Mercury - Bowie comes back again to do Under Pressure, Monserrat Caballe for Barcelona
Afternoon Slot - Simon & Garfunkel, Everly Brothers come on to do Bye Bye Love
Closer - The Beatles with John & Paul doing individual solos of their own stuff.
Buddy Holly comes on to do Peggy Sue with John & Pa
Bruce comes on at the end to do Twist & Shout. This was very hard to finalise and still didn’t manage to include Led Zeppelin, Rod Stewart & The Faces to name but a few…

Ross: Kate Bush ‘The Kick Inside ‘just such an incredible record. Probably the best she has ever recorded. Such amazing stories of the fights behind the scenes while the album was being launched and Kate really fighting for Wuthering Heights to be the first single. The album is even more staggering when you think a couple of the songs on the album were recorded when she was just 15 (Saxophone Song and The Man With The Child In His Eyes)