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I’ve been in the ‘ol music game since leaving school doing just about every role from DJ to sound engineer, so finding myself in music retail wasn’t much of a leap! As a self-confessed vinyl hoarder, I’ve always loved trawling music shops and when some friends and DJ pals opened our shop in 1996 it turned out my destiny was to go from regular customer to part-time staff member and eventually to owner in 2006. Not sure how that happened! Some folks probably thought buying a record shop in 2006 was a little crazy that’s for sure.

It’s a bit of an institution and a labour of love so ‘public service’ and ‘keeping out of trouble’ spring to mind. It’s the never-ending musical discovery, plus the joy of sharing that passion with friends and random strangers...pretty much!

The shop started out covering mostly club, hip-hop and electronic releases but since 2006 we’ve not only added sound equipment and Hi-Fi but also just about every style of music right across the spectrum from rock and indie to new age and classical, jazz, metal and beyond. Plus, a constant supply of good local stuff from friends and family as well. The alternative selection we cover and our old town location means we have a great mix of folk passing through, local and international, young and old...the list is endless including:

Local heavyweight producers, DJs and bands...

Other Lands (aka Gavin behind the counter here)

Check Masses (featuring our very own Saleem)

Feena (newest staff member, DJ and EHFM producer)

Rezillos (sometimes featuring myself on Tenor Sax in their horn section)

Proc Fiskal, Callum Easter, Jaisu, Linkwood, George T, Vic Galloway, Sanna, Capital 1212, Stephen Brown, Boots for Dancing, Finiflex, Bell Lungs, Joseph Malik, Malcolm Middleton, Lomond Campbell, Prosumer and many more have played sets in the shop…

Music is such a beacon for interesting stories and characters we have new favourites every day. Being in Edinburgh we have had a good number of famous comedians in the shop as well as writers, musicians, DJs, film-makers, journalists, designers, artists who all have a story to tell, some funnier than others and most not for public consumption.

We did run a ‘crazy questions we’ve been asked’ list for a while including things like ‘do these records play on American turntables?’ and suchlike.


Probably a drum & bass 12” single...Roni Size ‘It’s Jazzy’ or something like that.

‘Do What You Love’ Compilation on Trunk Records was the last record we sold today...and a very good sentiment for anyone curating a musical selection, especially in a record shop.

Being a child of the 70s & 80s, I went to Virgin and HMV for all the new releases every Saturday morning. Then endless walking across town to all the other shops (probably in the rain). Queued for Prince’s 1999 LP on release day maybe picked up the import cassette of Art of Noise, anything John Peel played was also on the radar!

Hard to get time these days but when on the road you can always find gems. Some of the US stores blew me away especially Euclid Records (New Orleans), Record Mania (Stockholm), Disk Union (Tokyo), all for very different reasons but mostly for the amount of amazing music we don’t often see in the UK.

First time in Blackmarket Records, Soho on a busy Saturday afternoon fighting to get to the counter for some banter with the legendary Nicky Blackmarket would be one...no doubt a bunch more.

So many RSDs it’s a bit of a blur, the first 2021 drop was a huge success for us and really helped us get back on our feet. So many happy customers back in the shop made it all worthwhile!

Way too many to pick one sorry!


Sun Ra and his Arkestra

Jeff Buckley



Herbie Hancock


Iain M Banks - The Hydrogen Sonata

Dune (2021)...just saw it and it might just beat the original Bladerunner

Thurston Moore - Demolished Thoughts

Zakir Hussain ‎- Making Music

Keith Hudson & Family Man - Pick A Dub

Fugazi - Fugazi

John Coltrane - Plays the Blues


Alice Coltrane

King Gizzard & The Wizard Lizard

Fela Kuti

DJ Marky

Boards of Canada

Main Source


…that’s a long list!

Too hard to choose!

Computer World


My Life In the Bush of Ghosts

Events Coming Up

We're super happy to be back with one BIG 'ol Record Shop Day this year with TONS of exclusive vinyl and a mighty selection of in-store sounds from 8am to 7pm. Image

We're super happy to be back with one BIG 'ol Record Shop Day this year with TONS of exclusive vinyl and a mighty selection of in-store sounds from 8am to 7pm.
It's all about celebrating the life and vibes of Record Shops worldwide and all the folks that make 'em special so we expect to have ALL the exclusive RSD releases that make it out on sale from 8am and then a whole host of friends and extended family presenting the very best sounds, new and old from 2pm. Come on down!
Featuring our very legendary friends electric...
GEORGE T (Tribal Funktion/Optimo Music)
The cream of Scottish Hip-hop beatmakers...
JAISU (Athens of the North)
JAZZ SPASTIKS (Jazzplastik)
Representing vinyl minded local labels...
HOBBES (Hobbes Music)
DAN BLAND (Indicator Records)
With rising stars of the cities music scene...
Plus more to be announced...
Look out for Free Goodies & Tote Bags for the front of the queue.
Refreshments available in aid of Warchild courtesy of Meantime Brewing. BYOB

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