About The Record Store Ltd

Give us the background... when and why did you decide to open a record shop?:

I have had a love for music since I was a child, I do not know when I decided I wanted to open a record shop exactly maybe when I was old enough to realise I could.

Even then I waited until 7 months ago having collected records all my life, I moved to Ashford years ago due to ill health and a need to downsize my mortgage.

At that point once back on my feet health wise I was in a town that had no record shop,a starter unit became available in the Mall and whilst I couldn’t do my old job as I recovered from my illness, I thought I could and would, love to sell records and explore the opportunity did other people around my new home town feel the same and guess what they did!

I expanded the starter unit moving into a good sized shop a month ago and am looking forward to my first RSD,its hard work but I literally love doing it.

Last Saturday our third in the new premises I stood back at one point and marvelled at the number of people in the shop talking music browsing vinyl and making friends,not all are buying but they will at some point and they feel comfortable enough to just hang out here.

I still discover new music or at least music I haven’t heard from the customers and likewise I influence their purchases some times,I also manage an artist and support the local new music scene….its not like a job!

That’s a book all by itself already! We as mentioned champion the unsigned music scene locally and any music events in the area, my default taste is from a time I was growing up although it has extended pretty much to the present day .

I was a teenager in the 70s and as such the world was full of great music, from the Beatle and Stones to Floyd, Led Zep, Bowie, so many great bands and singers across an eclectic spectrum, reggae, motown, rock, soul ect. That taste in varying genres continues today listening to rap, hip hop, electronica I try not to dismiss anything if I like it it doesn’t matter what it is, good music is good music.

The shop is pretty much a family thing with myself and my eldest daughter running it,my youngest helps out when she is back on breaks from Uni, and a part time assistant who is very much part of the team now.

Our customers are so varied with such different tastes its hard to pick a favorite we enoy the company and  need them all ! without their support we wouldn’t exist.

I think the fact that our first shop was a kiosk sized unit and it was littered with vinyl in every available space makes the customer who came in demanding we did sell her candles recently and she wanted some more refusing to accept we were quite plainly a record shop and had been at the time she claimed to have bought the candles the one we laughed about most.

It was in Deptford high street but I forget the name I bought Trex ride a white swan


Just getting lost as a kids in the  sights ,sounds, smells and images of a good record shop

There was so much music it seemed to catch up on that there was never enough time in the world to go through it all,but the playing and sharing of records you had or you friends had bought was every bit of how I grew up.

Listening to the charts every Tuesday or Sunday rundown for the new songs and watching whistle test for the new bands was how we discovered the music.

Sister Ray if in London but locally Hot salvation

There's certain Oxfam shops I still drop in on for their books and records.

Absolutely but running one 6 days a week limits that opportunity.

In 7 months no one iconic but there is hope Ashford international stn sees a lot of celebrity passing thru it!

The next RSD Lives

No not yet!

I managed the Sea the best 2 piece band I've ever seen!!

Black keys – 02

Margrave of the marshes


Impossible to do!

Zeppelin,Bowie,Who,Doors,Black keys,Radiohead,Stereophonics,Pink Floyd

Ahh that is also impossible!

I don’t have ONE there are hundreds if not thousands.