About Sticky Black Tarmac

I opened Sticky Black Tarmac (SBT) in October last year, name taken from a lyric in The Jam’s ‘That’s Entertainment’…. a trio of words that could loosely enough be connected to a slab of vinyl which was good enough for me! A record shop had been a ‘wouldn’t that be good to do’ kind of idea for a while, as it is for a lot of people I guess, but whilst being stuck working from home in lockdown I mulled over it more and more and thought why not have a proper go at this? Being on the outskirts of Salford especially, it seemed a little mad that there wasn’t a record shop local to my area. It’s always easy enough to get into the city centre and have a wander round all the great shops in and around Manchester, but I knew there must be more people like me wishing there was a true local for our neck of the woods - especially considering the history and contribution to music round here.

The shop itself is a small space located in the Ellesmere Shopping Centre, Walkden. A good range of stuff is packed in here, indie, rock, pop, hip hop, soul etc. I’d say 85% of the stock is new but there is a good selection of second-hand vinyl which is expanding. A lot of shops will say the same, but it’s a two-way thing, as much as I love ordering in and recommending stuff to people, a lot of it is influenced by the people who shop here. I’m fortunate that a good range of people pop in, it’s a relaxed atmosphere and all are welcome.

First record sold in store was to a fella called Jordan who works in ‘Clouds’ (another shop in the centre I’m based in) he picked up, appropriately, ‘Saint Cloud’ by Waxahatchee. The last, at the time of writing was Galaxie 500 – This Is Our Music.

First record shop I went to was Vinyl Exchange as my dad was always in and out of there, but the first record I actually bought (or handed over the counter the money my mum gave me) was in Woolworths on Swinton precinct – Bob The Builder ‘The Album’. My taste peaked there.

I’ll use this opportunity to give Wax & Beans the love, not that they don’t get enough! Friendly place, great people, great stock.

Impossible to pick. I never tire of the day-to-day music chat with people in the shop, I’m a simple man!

You expect it because its RSD, but to turn up and see people queuing to get into your shop is mad, and I don’t think it will ever not be. It was great so see a lot of new faces alongside the regulars, and even better that a lot have returned since! In a sentence, a dead good day.

Difficult to choose…. but best in recent memory has to be Kelly Lee Owens at the Ritz in Manchester last year. She blew my mind, brilliant start to finish.

I don’t read enough to pick out an all-time favourite - when I do pick up a book it’s usually an autobiography, Johnny Marr’s ‘Set The Boy Free’ was a good read.

Finding Nemo.

The Beatles – Revolver

Durutti Column – Vini Reilly

Joni Mitchell – Ladies Of The Canyon

Khruangbin – Con Todo El Mundo

I’ll limit myself to 10: The Beatles, Joni Mitchell, Siouxsie & The Banshees, The Jam, Nick Drake, Durutti Column, Crosby Stills Nash & Young, The Smiths, David Bowie, Arctic Monkeys

Tough one. I think I’d have to say The Best Of The Beatles.

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