About Shrubs & Dubs

We’re Kieran & Faye and we own Shrubs & Dubs in Shoreditch, East London.

Kieran: Shrubs & Dubs was born out of lockdown. Faye started a business in lockdown hand painting plant pots for all the new plants she was ordering to the flat, I was spending lockdown expanding my record collection with lots of online orders.

The idea for the store came when it was time for Faye to go back to her day job after being on furlough. Faye thought it would be cool to open a shop and sell her pots & plants but was unsure about being just another plant shop. I’ve always wanted to own a record shop since I started buying records as a kid so we thought it would be cool to combine our two passions and Shrubs & Dubs was born!

Faye: There are so many things that we love about owning a record shop but one of the best parts is sharing music that we really enjoy with people and finding amazing new music.

We really like the community aspect of owning a record shop and introducing people to vinyl that haven’t experienced it before.

We really pride ourselves on being inclusive and creating a welcoming environment for everyone to enjoy. We want everyone to enjoy the store and everything we do in there. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been record shopping for years of if you’ve never set foot in a record store before and our shop is your first experience, we want you to feel welcome and comfortable in the store. We love getting to know our customers and talking to them and making recommendations and building friendships with everyone that comes in.

Kieran: We specialise in electronic music. We really champion ourselves on working direct with independent labels. There’s so much good music being released at the moment by a lot of really cool independent labels. We work with a lot of them quite closely stocking their records in the store as well as hosting in store takeovers where they will come in and DJ in the store on the last Friday of every month.

Faye: We have a wide variety of customers, we have a lot of customers that have been buying records for years and love the fact that there are more record stores opening. We also have a lot of younger customers who come into the shop that have never bought vinyl or used a turntable, we like that they feel comfortable enough to come in and see what it’s all about and we can recommend them music and show them how to use the turntables and they end up buying their first records. We’ve got some incredible customers that have become friends. One particular customer lives in Somerset and drops in to see us whenever he’s in town and takes the trip to London when we have our in store events.



The first record we sold in the store was Paranoid London - Pledits Vol.1 and the most recent is the amazing ‘Mirrors’ album from DJ Seinfeld.

Kieran: The first record I bought was Bart Simpson deep deep trouble, with a voucher I was given for my 8th birthday! The first record shop I went to would’ve been with my dad, I have fond memories of spending hours digging through records in Sounds Familiar that used to be in Romford. Record shopping really started for me at Boogie Times in Romford at the age of 13, I’d save my lunch money for the week and go in and buy records before I even had my own decks at home to mix on, at that time I was buying a lot of UK Garage releases. This basically mapped out the rest of my life, I’ve been DJ’ing since then and now teach DJ’ing and is where the dream of owning a record shop came from. This definitely had a huge influence on my music tastes, my horizons have broadened since then but this is certainly where my love for electronic music came from.

Other shops we really enjoy are Jelly Records, Kevin is really nice down there and has an incredible selection of records in the basement, I could spend hours down there. Another store that we really love but are yet to visit is Yuku Records in Prague, their store looks incredible and they’re really lovely people.

Kieran: My most memorable record shop experience was going into Boogie Times and seeing the DJ behind the counter mixing, I was amazed by it, I knew that I wanted to DJ before that but I’d never seen it up close.

Faye: I’d have to say the first day of opening our own record shop, it was such an amazing feeling!

Kieran: The best gig in recent memory I went to was probably Chase & Status at Amnesia. I was lucky enough to be in the booth and see and experience them first hand absolutely take the roof off, the energy was unreal!

Faye: Mariah Carey at the Royal Albert hall, viewing from one of the boxes with two of my best friends.

Kieran: Favourite movie is a tough one but, favourite series would have to be Breaking Bad and I’ve been hooked on Ozarks, I’m patiently waiting on season 4 part 2!

Faye: Without a doubt Dreamgirls! I could recite the whole movie word for word, I’ve lost count how many times I’ve watched it!

Kieran: Tyler the Creator - Igor, Prefuse 73 - One Word Extinguisher, Outkast - Speakerboxx & The Love Below, Todd Edwards - Full On Vol.1, Kendrick Lamar - Good Kid Maad City.

Faye: Nao - And Then Life Was Beautiful, Beyonce - Dangerously In Love, Christina Aguilera - Stripped, Jojo - The Highroad, Whitney Houston - Whitney, Destiny’s Child - Survivor.

Kieran: Tyler the Creator, Kendrick Lamar, Outkast, Tupac, Nas. Todd Edwards, DJ EZ, KinK, Kerri Chandler, the list could go on forever!

Faye: Beyonce, Christina Aguilera, Jojo, Whitney Houston, Ariana Grande, Prince, Pink.

Kieran: The answer to this question always changes, it’s such a hard question to answer but I’d have to say, Kendrick Lamar - Good Kid Maad City

Faye: That’s a tough one but it would have to be queen B, Beyonce - Dangerously In Love

Events Coming Up

To celebrate RSD in store at Shrubs & Dubs we'll be giving a free shrub with every record purchased. So everyone gets a Shrub and a Dub. We will also be giving away free tote bags. 

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