We had been running Released as a record label since 2015. Tony & I (Marko) were offered to run a pop up record shop on behalf of the label inside Leeds Corn Exchange. We were mainly selling some of our private collections to begin with. The shop took off & we just decided to run with it & keep the shop going. The Shop became the real deal late 2018.

We are music lovers, sounds an obvious thing to say but, it is all about the music. Not how rare a record is. We cater for every level of collectors. People that are just starting out to seasoned collectors. £1-£500+ Records we do it all.

Tony knows, it was one of his personal ones, I was serving someone else at the time, I know it was a Miles Davis album. Last thing I sold was Caterina BarBieri - Ecstatic Computation.

The first records I bought I was really young, think it was Smiths in the Merrion Centre. As I got into my teens I shopped at Jumbo & Crash. I ended up working in Jumbo until I setup Released with Tony.

Breakaway in Austin Texas is absolutely amazing, tied with Louisiana Music Factory in New Orleans. Been lucky to visit both three times.

I was once in a band many moons ago & we did an instore signing at Crash in Leeds. I also saw a cardboard cutout of myself in Tower Records in Tokyo, that was pretty weird.

It’s always a good day. With us been fairly new in Leeds it helps for people to find the shop, so it’s really helpful to get our name around.

Me & the wife always say Martha Reeves at the Brudenell Social Club. That was a special night.

I love How Music Works by David burn. I’ve read it about 5 times.

Mean Streets. I want all the clothes.

If i could take Love - Forever Changes i’d be set.

Hendrix, Beatles, Love, Strokes, Dusty, Doors, Bobbie Gentry, Clash, Marvin Gaye, Bill Withers & War.

Has to be Love - Forever Changes