About Record Corner

Record Corner was opened in October 1958. It had separate pop and classical departments with listening booths
and also specialised in Hi-fi installations.
In those early days it sold the new 12" and 7" vinyl alongside the old breakable 10" 78s.

The shop layout has not changed much from those days - early-on the entrance was moved from
the front of the shop to the side so that pop fans and classical music buffs did not have to encounter one another
(not a problem nowadays but back then both parties were embarrassed).
The 'listening booths' were removed sometime in the '80s and CDs replaced vinyl.

Later the 'sheet music' department was introduced and Hi-fi no longer sold.
Of course vinyl was re-introduced several years ago and now comprises about half the pop music stock.

Although over-the-counter sales have always been the main business for Record Corner, mail-order made an

important contribution in the '80s, particularly for classical music LPs and CDs.

This service has now moved on-line and Record Corner now sells all types of music via services such as

'discogs.com' and 'Amazon Marketplace'.

More recently the Record Corner has expanded its long established website to provide on-line shopping directly,

although currently this is limited to vinyl albums only but expects to expand this over the coming year.