About Raves from the Grave

Give us the background... when and why did you decide to open a record shop?

It was 1997. I’d worked for a national chain for years in various stores, and decided I needed to move on.
I’d lived in the Frome area for a while and noticed the lack of a record shop and having always been a huge music fan, thought it was something I could do, and I liked the town so it seemed like a good place to be.

We try to be inclusive for all, we stock new & used vinyl, CDs, and DVDs, and try to cover all genres and tastes.

We keep music going back to the 1920s, as well as the latest releases.

We occasionally run some small in-stores in our courtyard.

Yes, it was Old Town Records in Hemel Hempstead around 1972, where I grew up.
The first single I bought was Lady Madonna by The Beatles, but the first album was Mott by Mott The Hoople – still one of my favourites.

Rooster Records in Exeter, a very well-presented shop, with a nice range of vinyl, plus some lovely rarities. Always try to pop in when I’m passing, and usually find a gem or two.

Robert Plant has been in a few times, on the last occasion he was on the scout for some reading glasses as he’d forgotten his. Unfortunately we didn’t have any spare so he nipped to Boots for some.

Rick Wakeman popped in once, and bought few of his own albums on cassette.

We had Van Morrison order a few items once, and our former colleague didn’t know it was Van, and asked for his name.

Wings at Wembley Arena around 1979 was excellent, but more recently(ish) La Luz at The Exchange in Bristol – who knocked it out the park.

I quite enjoy biographical reads, especially about music, so lean towards Ian Hunter’s ‘Diary Of A Rock And Roll Star’ – a really thrilling and exciting read, warts and all.

I really enjoy Das Boot, but a huge fan of a lot of early classics and Mike Leigh films.

This is virtually impossible, but three songs I enjoy a lot are, Paul McCartney – Maybe I’m Amazed, Zombies - Friends Of Mine, and Mott The Hoople – I Wish I Was Your Mother.

This list could change at any time!

Something with these artists on, for sure: Paul McCartney & Wings, Ian Hunter, Doors, Love, Depeche Mode, Steely Dan, The Pretenders

Also a toughie, but Zombies – Odyssey & Oracle is an incredible album and vastly underrated and unknown – an album I’d likely never tire of.