About Earworm Records

Give us the background... when and why did you decide to open a record shop?

Me and Rich (My business partner) had worked in other record shops together before and in early 2013 we decided to open our own. It’s basically the only thing I’ve ever enjoyed doing workwise plus you can get cheaper vinyl.

We are one of the UK's smallest indies according to RSDUK, it’s definitely a quality over quantity vibe. We sell pretty much all flavours of music from The Police to Popol Vuh, we ain't music snobs. Like ALL record shops we get loads of characters in the shop - no day is the same!

First record i ever bought was Beastie Boys - Licensed to Ill album, i think it might have even been from WH Smiths!!! My local record shop growing up was Depth Charge in York. A superb indie and dance vinyl shop that had one of the best listening booths in any shop, ever.  Plus, the guys who worked there were cool, some of them are still friends 25 years on

Well, except for the just mentioned Depth Charge which sadly closed down years ago.... probably Hard Wax in Berlin. When I was at Uni in Liverpool I pretty much spent my entire time in Probe, 3Beat and Unity - 3 superb shops.

When I worked in HMV in Oxford Street you'd get celebs in all the time... Kylie, Nick Cave, Richard Ashcroft - but here in York we don't get many famous people through the doors. Jason from Sleaford Mods came in once to do some filming for a documentary - Lovely guy!

Any Spiritualized gig 


That'd be Jaws, again

Honestly, I’d just kill myself

Beastie Boys, Spacemen 3, LCD Soundsystem 

Spiritualized - Laser Guided Melodies