About Crash Records

Crash Records has been a part of the Leeds music scene for 30 years. Our first shop opened on Woodhouse Lane in 1985. Two years later we made the move to our present address, 35 The Headrow, where we have remained ever since.

For those of you who are not sure of our exact location, we are directly opposite Sports Direct. We carry a broad range of CDs and vinyl - 7”/12” singles and LPs - and specialise in indie, alternative, rock, punk, metal plus a few other genres. We also keep an ever-changing range of local stock in the shop. If there is something that we don’t have in stock, we can usually order it from one of the many record labels and suppliers that we deal with.

If you wish to check the availability of any title please email store@crashrecords.co.uk We will let you know if we have it in (or if we can order it) and what the price would be. Alongside CDs and vinyl, we stock a range of official merchandise.

As a ticket agent for all the major venues in the area (and Leeds Festival) we receive allocations for a wide variety of gigs and events. Tickets can be purchased over the counter in the shop or on our website. We always aim to get our tickets out to people straight after the order has been processed.

Being an independent record shop, we take pride in the service that we give to customers old and new. Please feel free to call into the shop, pick up the phone or fire off an email if you have any questions we may be able to help you with.

I’ve always worked in ‘Geeky’ retail – Comic books / import DVDs / video games / Hi-Fi after a short stint in Bank (which didn’t enjoy) i started work in a Second-hand Record shop and after a few years i made the move over to Crash and haven’t looked back since – waking up and WANTING to go to work each day is worth its weight in gold – getting to see what new and exciting things will turn up in the next box or your inbox that day really make it feel not like ‘real’ work

The store has been around for over 35 years and I’ve been involved for just over 10 years – the thing i loved and still love about Crash is we aren’t precious in what we do – everyone who works here has pretty diverse tastes in music (and we champion what we enjoy)  so some days its death metal on the stereo , some days funk some days the latest Indie banger and nothing is really off limits – the Soundtrack section has grown ridiculously since i started ordering them in

I wasn’t there for the first – but i can say today we have just had a restock on Daft Punks last album – Random Access Memories and have sold a few of them today

As a child i remember the excitement of visiting Record Shops around the country when on Holidays with my family fondest – pre dating the internet the excitement of stumbling upon a shop by accident and then finding a big metal section to look at was amazing – due to my age i was very much a CD buyer in my youth so bought my first true record quite late on – it was Nile – In Their Darkened Shrines on Green Vinyl bought from one of my favour shops for Metal in Leeds (Hellraiser Records, no longer in Leeds but do still have a shop in Wakefield)

Don’t have a favourite but will like most owners enjoy a bus mans holiday and make a point of visiting any shops you can when in a different city – if not to see if they are doing any different to us but to also be surprised at what stock they may have on offer be it New or Second-hand

There’s so many memories of music / record stores that i couldn’t pick just one – but what I will say every time I’m back on the counter it’s still the best feeling to be playing something ace on the stereo and then having a conversation with a customer about it and them taking it away in their hands

Every year RSD just grows and grows and even with the challenges of the last couple of years we continue to improve and turn it into the best year ever – which such a diverse range of titles you are reminding a huge amount of people where their local record store again is so they can hunt these out – Roll on the next 15 years

Rob Zombie at O2 Academy Leeds in 2011 – this was his first visit to the UK in a long time and my First time seeing him – the set list was perfect and how he managed to fit everything on the stage i don’t know – got to meet him briefly afterwards amazing

I'm not a reader so would normally say one of the Ian Fleming James bond novels – but in recent years i have very much enjoyed Ready Player One by Ernest Cline – a perfect love letter to all things Geek

Mallrats – Directed and Written by Kevin Smith ive watched this more than any other film and still notice something new every time – the Soundtrack hits all the right notes also – Includes my favourite Weezer track Susanne

Weezer – Blue album

Gwar – This Toilet Earth

Church Of Misery – Houses of the Unholy

Daft Punk – Tron Soundtrack

There’s a handful of Artists I’ve never seen that i would love to and would drop everything if they were to announce a show – Like Tom Waits for example , he's not played a gig since i got into him so would love to experience his music live.

Lots come close but would be Weezer – Blue album – i have over x10 copies of it and im still after a true original – a genuine perfect album that i can listen to over and over again.

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