About Container Records

Give us the background... when and why did you decide to open a record shop?:

I had left my role as a promotions manager of a nightclub and was looking for a change, to stay afloat financially I had increased the volume at which I was trading records (previously only a hobby) until I found a new job. Around this time I heard about the development o Pop Brixton with a friend and started putting a pitch together for a space.

We're a small space, so we really rely on the cornucopia vibe - we're small but stuffed with gems, we're largely second hand, but there's a strong element of mint stock and new releases. Our main genres are House and Techno, Garage, Grime, Jungle etc, but also Rock, Punk, Hip Hop, Metal.. We're punching above our size in terms of selection! Aside from that, the vibe is very much DIY. 

The first record shop memories I have are at Our Price on Putney high street, where I used to buy new singles I'd heard from the charts.  The earliest I can recollect is Dog Eat Dog's early 1994 rap rock single 'No Fronts', but I'm sure there must have been something before then. One of the first record shops that made an impact on me though was Cob in North Wales, that was a second hand vinyl specialist, totally different vibe to the chart tapes and CDs I knew, and it changed my idea of music.

I love Rat Records, which is dangerous as I live nearby. I also love All Ages for their selection of punk and hardcore, and their ethos. Shout out to the good people over at Rye Wax too, which is a really unique place. 

That would be Glen Matlock from the Sex Pistols. We'd been open for a couple of weeks, Bowie died. He grew up in Brixton of course, and we happened to have a load of Bowie LPs so when Sky News started ringing around local record shops to see who had Bowie stock and we agreed, hours later we had Matlock and a Sky News camera crew in the shop. Very surreal, especially considering how unfinished we still were back then.

RATM at the London Astoria was good

The Masters and Margarita - Bulgakov

The Shining. 

Well that's a pretty tough question isn't it. I could get lost trying to figure that one out. Here are three good ones though:
"Jigsaw Falling into place" - Radiohead
"Hypnotize" - Notorious B.I.G
"Pay to Cum" - Bad Brains

The Smiths (Meat is Murder era)
Bob Dylan ('75 incarnation)
The Cure
Minor Threat
Aphex Twin (1993 live set)
The Prodigy (1992 live set)
Andy C (1999 set)
Frank Ocean
Wu Tang Clan
Jesus Lizard
Bad Brains
Wiley, Dizzee & Slimzee (2003 era)

It changes month to month, I could only ever whittle it down to a few. Blood on the Tracks would be a regular contender though. 

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