An Acoustic Skunk Anansie - Live in London Sleeve




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An Acoustic Skunk Anansie is finally coming to vinyl! Originally released in 2013, the band's first live album showcases Skin, Ace, Cass & Mark in an acoustic setting. The setlist boasts a career-spanning selection with all the hits plus rarely-played tracks chosen specially for the gig. Strictly limited to 1,000 copies on 2LP turquoise and pink vinyl. Tracklisting :
1. Brazen (Weep)
2. Because Of You
3. Infidelity
4. I Hope You Get To Meet Your Hero
5. Charity
6. 100 Ways To Be A Good Girl
7. I Believed In You
8. Secretly
9. You Saved Me
10. I Will Break You
11. God Loves Only You
12. You Do Something To Me
13. Weak
14. My Ugly Boy
15. Squander
16. Hedonism (Just Because You Feel Good)
17. Twisted (Everyday Hurts)
18. Charlie Big Potato