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Leaf Library, The - About Minerals

Release Date: 29 Aug 2020
Where Its At Is Where You Are
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Single black vinyl 12" LP.Ambient LP from north London kosmische dream pop ensemble.The Leaf Library play an intricate and playful game with lush guitar drones and soundscapes, layering dreamy vocals and field recordings."About Minerals" will please fans of Pendant, Biosphere, Laurie Spiegel, Pan American, Chihei Hatakeyama, Eliane Radigue, Noveller, Fennesz or Matthew Shaw.Tracks : 01 Weather Wires 02 About Minerals 03 High Light 04 Lichen and Moss 05 Layers Of Regret 06 Surface Decisions 07 Beach Loom 08 An Edge An Ending 09 Blue Green Sequence.

Leaf Library, The