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Fox Millions Duo - Biting Through

Thrill Jockey
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Released for Record Store Day 2019 Biting Through was written and recorded over the course of two weeks in the summer of 2017 at Menegroth Studiowith Colin Marston. Colpitts plays in Oneida, helms Man Forever and is onehalf of People of the North. He plays regularly with LaurieAnderson, Jim Sauter, and more.Greg Fox has several solo recordings, was the drummerin Liturgy, leader of Guardian Alien and freqently plays inEx Eye with Colin Stetson.Both have enumerable collaborations to their credit fromRoyal Trux to Dan Deacon to Hieroglyphic Being.LP version pressed on virgin vinyl with free downloadcoupon. Limited quantities will be pressed on white colorvinyl."John Colpitts (i.e., Man Forever) often electrifies andsends percussive shockwaves undulating throughstratified sonic layers of drones, ja,ZZ polymetricplayfulness, and hypnotic minimalism." - ModernDrummerFox spins electro-acoustic polyrhythmic patterns andgrooves of a deep-space spirituality. - Mojo

Fox Millions Duo