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Fay Hallam - Propeller

Well Suspect
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Exclusive new album. Queen of the Vidal bob hair-do, Fay Hallam paid her rock dues fronting bands like The Prime Movers, Phaze, The Fay Hallam Trinity and Makin' Time (with a pre- Charlatans Martin Blunt). She has worked with Billy Childish, Graham Day, Alan Crockford and The Bongolian.Propeller is Fay Hallam' s masterwork; a perfection of dynamic pop-soul; melodic, driven and precise...clearing a path through a fug of retro pretenders; re-setting the stylist bar, re-starting the modernist machine. Having spent 2018 co-writing and performing with Swedish artist Magnus Carlson, Fay Hallam and her band have re-claimed 2019 as their own with this powerful collection of Hammond grooves, soulfull vocals, funky rhythms and powerful horn arrangements. It will blow you away! The follow-up to the critically acclaimed House Of Now, produced by ertswhile Paul Weller bassist Andy Lewis, and including the dancefloor monster Starting To Feel Good.

Fay Hallam