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Fallen Angels (Knox + Hanoi Rocks) - Fallen Angels

Fall Out
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In 1984 Hanoi Rocks were signed to CBS and about to hit the charts. But they found themselves with a few weeks off. Meanwhile The Vibrators were also taking a break, and Knox had some great new songs sitting there waiting for fate to intervene. It did, and they got together for this much-lauded, very enjoyable album. Both Knox and Hanoi Rocks' bassist Sam Yaffa (later of the New York Dolls) gave exclusive interviews for the notes in the CD' s 8-page booklet, by former Melody Maker journalist Carol Clerk. Tracklist: Disc 1: Inner Planet Love, Black & White World, Rain Rain Rain, Falling, Runaround, Amphetamine Blue, Cuckoo Land, Kiss It Goodbye, New Society, Straight City, Vipers In The Dark.

Fallen Angels (Knox + Hanoi Rocks)