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Our Broken Garden - When Your Blackening Shows

Bella Union
More Info:

Celebrating 10th anniversary with first ever release on vinyl. White vinyl. Download code included.

“It’s 10 years since the debut album from Danish dream pop band Our Broken Garden and therefore high time we figured that it had its first vinyl pressing.

There’s a darkness and a vulnerability at the core of singer Anna Bronsted’s vocals on this album and in our shop in Brighton we’ve been asked about this record so many times “Is it ever going to get a vinyl release?” and now we can reply “Yes!” - Bella Union.

Limited to 500 copies for the UK and Ireland.

1. Watermark
2. The Blinding
3. Anchoring
4. When Your Blackening Shows
5. The Rock Collector
6. La Sagittaire
7. The Samaritan 
8. Cardia
9. My Kinship
10. Visible To You 

Our Broken Garden