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Nick Heyward - Stars

Gladsome Hawk
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Classic pop songwriter Nick Heyward’s critically acclaimed ninth album, Woodland Echoes, harvested an abundance of rave reviews from critics and fans alike. An album of exceptional warmth and intimacy full of paeans to nature, it debuted at No. 4 on the Official Independent Album Chart. Described by Mojo as a top 10 single and the best track on the album, “The Stars” is the third single from Woodland Echoes and is Heyward’s first exclusive for Record Store Day. Its echo of itchy pop-funk recalls his early days as frontman of new wave group Haircut 100, a foundational part of the 80s pop explosion.Exclusive b-side “Everyone & Everything”, brings a swirling psychedelic 90s vibe to the nature pop fest and carries on “The Stars” theme of our universal interconnectedness with everything.

Nick Heyward