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Baxter Dury - Miami

Heavenly Recordings
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Heavyweight 180g White vinyl

Speaking on the remix, Baxter stated:Jarvis I guess isn't interested in doing things politely, this is a different song, possibly a better one

Miami (Original) BBC 6 Music:B-LISTED: MIAMI w/c 02/10, 09/10, 16/10A-LISTED: MIAMI w/c 23/10Miami - (Jarvis Cocker and Parrot Remix)the Queitus - 6th top track of 2017 http://thequietus.com/articles/23768-tracks-of-the-year-songs-2017Trevor Jackson - can't start to tell you how much i love this mix, love the original too and hearing this made me buy the album, which i love too! thanks for sending.

Joe Goddard / Hot Chip - Amazing tune Kelvin Andrews / wONK / Soul Mekanik / Creative Use - I'm a big fan of Baxter. This is just great. Nice work Parrot & Jarvis! Thank you! Playing this out loads!



1.Miami (Original)

2.Miami - Parrot And Cocker Too Remix

Baxter Dury