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Run The Jewels - VRTJ Viewer

Customised Run The Jewels Virtual Reality Viewer
Mass Appeal via Sony Red
More Info:

RTJ takes a step into the tech world with a new fully-immersive virtual reality (“VR) music video for their socially conscious, hit song “Crown”. In partnership with WEVR, the leading VR platform, and directed by Peter Martin, the video for “Crown” will give RTJ fans a chance to experience the video in 360 style with customized RTJ cardboard viewers -- cleverly dubbed as “VRTJ’s”.

The VRTJ viewers will be available exclusively for Record Store Day 2016, giving fans the chance to experience the VR video for “Crown” using a fully customized Run The Jewels virtual reality viewer. For the viewer to work, all you need is a smart phone (iPhone, Android, etc). As the VR format becomes more popular, the viewer can also be used for watching future virtual reality content including 360 videos.

Run The Jewels