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Primal Scream - Mantra For A State Of Mind

First International
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As lovers of record shops and all things vinyl, Primal Scream are set to release a special one off single featuring a cover of ‘Mantra For A State Of Mind’ and a new instrumental track ‘Gravitational Waves (Drifters Song)’ available only at record stores April 16th.

With the imminent release of their 11th studio album ‘Chaosmosis’ March 18th, the band wanted to do something special for record Store Day and as Bobby says himself "I’m a vinyl junkie and I can’t get enough”.

The A side is a cover version of ‘Mantra For A State Of Mind’ by SXpress which features the original backing vocals by SXpress singer Naomi Osbourne and with Jason Pierce on guitar. The B side, ‘Gravitational Waves (Drifters Song)’ is a new instrumental track featuring Bobby on guitar.

Primal Scream