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Pere Ubu - 30 Seconds Over Tokyo

Fire Records
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7” Single included download. Arriving in 1975 on own label Hearthan, Pere Ubu’s debut seminal single was initially written during the short-lived early days of Rocket From The Tombs. When the group disbanded David Thomas was eager to release ‘Final Solution’ and ’30 Seconds Over Tokyo’. Taking its name from a Ted Lawson and Robert Considine book about the 1942 Doolittle Raid the song is about a World War II bomber squad’s “suicide ride”. “30 Seconds Over Tokyo” is “seven minutes of apocalyptic synth storms, metallic guitars and unnerving vocals” Tom Pinnock - Uncut Dec 2015. Written during a rehearsal, ‘Heart Of Darkness’ resulted in ‘Final Solution’ getting axed from the B-side. Limited to 1000 copies this special release for Record Store Day 2016, these tracks are as vital today as they were forty years ago. TRACKS - A1 30 Seconds Over Tokyo B1 Heart of Darkness

Pere Ubu