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Blanck Mass
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TRACKLISTING: SIDE A:1.The Great Confuso part I 2. The Great Confuso part ii 3. The Great Confuso part iii (featuring genesis breyer p-orridge). SIDE B: 1. Dead Format (Dalhous Remix) 2. No Lite (Genesis P-Orridge Dreamachine Mix) 3. Detritus (Konx Om Pax Remix)


OVERVIEW: It was once suggested that everything we as human beings have ever achieved is merely the culmination of our refusal to acknowledge, or accept our own mortality: a vain, pathetic grasp at immortality via the fatuous notions of legacy, society, family, tradition, art. Whatever. In the greatest traditions of folklore, Blanck Mass summons forth the entity sardonically named The Great Confuso, to embody the taunting cruelty of death, and the unknowable beyond. This is the ambitious and gloriously uncomfortable aural propagation of looming disaster.


Dark, glorious and by turn pulverising industrial metal and hypnotic synth-wash soundscape, this is Power’s most thrilling work to date. The obsession with human frailty so central to his previous work is focused here on the themes of confusion, anger and surrender. If Dumb Flesh depicted the frailty of the human body, this EP illustrates the fragility of the human mind. Dispassionate and candid, stark and bold, ferocious and tender, The Great Confuso stands as a new electronic masterpiece.