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American Aquarium - Lamentations

Release Date: 08 May 2020
Metallic Silver Vinyl
New West
More Info:

wow! barham resurrects his fishy americana project with fire in his belly; rarely does a protest record sound so heartfelt and so gorgeous at the same time.

“lamentations is a 10-song rumination on the current state of the world around me. this is a record about the things that break people. religion, politics, addiction, love, money, family, history. i believe it is an empathetic look at the other side. a group of stories about losing everything and still finding the will to stand back up and fight for the things that matter the most”. - bj barham. ffo: the drive-by truckers, jason isbell, chris stapleton and bruce springsteen (at his most rootin' tootin').

American Aquarium