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Sleeper - At The BBC

Release Date: 20 Jun 2020
Transparent Blue LP
Gorsky Records
More Info:

BBC session tracks from Sleeper recorded between 1994-1995, Recorded on John Peel, the Evening Session and Mark Radcliffe BBC Shows, on limited Coloured Vinyl for the very first time. Featuring classics tracks including What Do I Do Now, Statuesque, Delicious Inbetweener and Lie Detector.

A1. Bedhead (BBC Session)

A2. Little Annie (BBC Session)

A3. Inbetweener (BBC Session)

A4. Delicious (BBC Session)

A5. Twisted (BBC Session)

A6. Pyrotechnician I Think I Love You (BBC Session)

B1. Bedside Manners (BBC Session)

B2. Hunch (BBC Session)

B3. What Do I Do Now? (BBC Session)

B4. Statuesque (BBC Session)

B5. Lie Detector (BBC Session)

B6. Package Holiday (BBC Session)