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Goodbye June - Community Inn

Release Date: 25 Oct 2019
Orange Vinyl and Guitar Plectrum
Earache Records
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Nashville, Tennessee’s Goodbye June are three cousins who formed after the death of guitarist Tyler Baker’s brother in June (hence the band name), vowing to honour his memory with their soulful and life affirming sound. Having parted ways from major label Interscope after the release of their debut album ‘Magic Valley’ (2017), Goodbye June sonically with the new wave of hard rock acts like Greta Van Fleet Led while adding layers of colour that references a wide spectrum from Led Zeppelin to Kings of Leon.   

Track Listing

Side A 1. Rolling Off My Tongue / 2. Universal Mega Love / 3. Secrets in the Sunset / 4. Be Yourself / 5. Lonely Beautiful People / 6. Natural

Side B 1. Joan&Dylan / 2. Anywhere the Wind Blows / 3. Switchblade Heart / 4. Live in the Now / 5. I Don't Mind / 6. Free Child

Goodbye June