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She Keeps Bees - Kinship

Release Date: 10 May 2019
"Watery" - Marbled clear and translucent blue
BB Island
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"New York duo discovers and deploys the power of subtlety - in all, a fiery triumph' “ wrote Mojo of their acclaimed 2014 album eight houses.

Now, they are diving even deeper. A meditative and endlessly turning clutch of songs, she keeps bees' kinship reasserts the band's elegant power in a stream of loss and regeneration. Death, birth, both personal and in the reflection of the earth itself emerge through Jessica Larrabee's focused, empowered voice.

With Larrabee and Andy Laplant's first album in four years, she keeps bees peels away their distorted guitars and fills the void with hypnotic organ, keyboards, strings, a tight bed of drum grooves, and a direct lyricism full of with wisdom and intention. 

"Dominance is a dead end, restore the balance.." Jessica sings in one song.... kinship is an album that radiates its messages with deft knowledge and immeasurable strength.

She Keeps Bees