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Gong - The Ultimate Also Collapses

Release Date: 10 May 2019
Pink Vinyl
More Info:

Remember; there is only now.

Following the success of their 2016 album, ‘Rejoice! I’m dead !’ which was a transitional album in the evolution of Gong and was an opportunity to say goodbye to the great Daevid Allen, the current formation of Gong are releasing an album for them.

‘The Universe Also Collapses’ is the sound of Gong in 2019, as anguards of 21st-century psychedelia; propulsive, mystical and ecstatic. having spent the past two years touring the world, including dates in Japan with psych legend Steve Hillage, multiple headline European tours and festivals, America's ‘cruise to the edge’ festival, a south America headline tour and a headline performance at ‘tomorrow festival’ in China, the band have won the hearts of both traditional and modern gong fanbases.

During this live journey, Gong has delved further into the truly psychedelic, exploratory and mind-expanding side of the music, and have created an album which reflects their experience.