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Chris Staples - Holy Moly

Release Date: 28 Jun 2019
Blue Vinyl
BARSUK Records
More Info:

"Holy Moly was written over most of 2018. I would work on it for two months and then walk away for a month. I kept coming back to it. I would throw away a few songs, and keep the best songs. I kept doing that until I had a record. 

In January, right around when I started working on the record, my neighbour decided to start building a house right next to my studio. They were making entirely too much noise for me to write or record in the day so I started making music late at night. 

I started working on a vampire's schedule from about 8pm - 4am every night. Eventually, they finished the house but I was in too deep. I kept working at night months after the house was finished. I finished mixing this record in January of 2019."

Chris Staples