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Ceschi - Sad Fat Luck

Release Date: 07 Jun 2019
Splattered Vinyl LP
Fake Four Inc.
More Info:

Written on the autobahn September 2018 driving too fast via voice memos and in gas station parking lots. It’s about depression on tour. It’s about processing death. It’s about hurting people you love while in the fog of depression. It’s about questioning whether or not this music career is healthy. 

Ceschi describes himself first and foremost as a singer-songwriter, he plays an acoustic guitar, and on his Facebook page he describes his music as “folk rap for the barely alive.” He’s played in bands described as hardcore, crunk rap, lo-fi synth pop, Latin progressive and psych-jazz-rap; and he cites influences as diverse as Bad Brains and Tracy Chapman, My Bloody Valentine and Os Mutantes.

Ceschi Ramos – his first name’s pronounced “Chess-key” – is a Puerto Rican from Connecticut, up there in the top right corner of the USA, and he’s been making music for nearly 20 years, interrupted only by a short spell in jail on trumped-up (he says) marijuana charges. His 2015 set, Broken Bone Ballads, was a cult success and his new album Sad, Fat Luck is a typically genre-spanning / genre-blending affair full of soul-baring folk songs and tongue-twisting raps (sometimes in the same song). So listen without prejudice.