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The Delines - Scenic Sessions

Release Date: 25 Jan 2019
Gold Vinyl
More Info:

Two Delines albums in one month! Yes, this is the vinyl version of the strictly limited edition of the Delines Scenic Sessions CD that was sold on the September 2015 tour and is long deleted and sells for over £65 on eBay/discogs. Featuring novelist and songwriter Willy Vlautin with ex-members of Richmond Fontaine, Sean Oldham and Freddy Trujillo.  We are only pressing 1000 of these and that will be it. 

The story behind this album:

Singer, Amy Boone was in Portland for our summer shows and the band wanted to cut a single to take with us on the fall tour.  They already had written a full length album on its way after Colfax so it was going to just be 3 songs max. Willy kept bringing in new tunes to rehearsal so they could decide which ones to record. The band was loving most of them and producer John Askew  had a little time open at his Scenic Burrows Studio. The single was starting to morph into an EP. Then they heard Amy's acoustic demo she recorded on her phone and had to do it.  All of a sudden they had a bunch tunes on our single, this sort of rules out 45 rpm. LPs can handle it.  They sold over 100 of these alone at the End of the Road Festival and before the end of their Sept tour it was sold out on cd. After 3 years of fans begging we decided it was time to get it on vinyl. Featuring the biggest hit single you never heard with Gold Dreaming.     


Produced by John Morgan Askew The Delines will be touring the UK and Europe in Jan, Feb and April-May 2019 as well as Sept 2019 



1. Cool Your Jets 2. I'm Just A Ghost 3. Gold Dreaming 4. Night Bus

5. Friday Night 6. Saloon Six 7. .Sirens In The Night 8. I Wasn't Looking 9. The Piano Player Always Drinks For Free 10. Sunshine

The Delines