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Fidlar - Almost Free

Release Date: 25 Jan 2019
Colour LP
Mom & Pop Music
More Info:

'Almost Free', the new release from Fidlar touches on many of the tragedies and irritations of modern life: existential dread, gentrification, the inescapable sway of the super-rich and the self-involved, post-breakup telecommunication, performative woke-ness, the loneliness of sobriety or the lack thereof.

But through sheer force of imagination and an unchecked joie de vivre, the L.A.-based band manages to turn feeling wrong into something glorious and essential. in the age of joyless self-care, Almost Free makes a brilliant case for being less careful, for living without fear of fucking up, and possibly embracing any incurred damage as a lucky symptom of being alive. The album sees the band pushing boundaries into new territory and influences while staying true to their unshakeable core.


  1. get off my rock
  2. can’t you see
  3. by myself
  4. flake
  5. alcohol
  6. almost free
  7. scam likely
  8. called you twice (feat. k. flay)
  9. nuke
  10. too real
  11. kick
  12. thought. mouth.
  13. good times are over