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Yak - The Pursuit of Momentary Happiness

Release Date: 08 Feb 2019
Gatefold Deluxe Beige 2LP
Virgin EMI Records
More Info:

Yak move on from the garage punk of their debut, with a bold and ambitious (and wildly eclectic) follow-up - produced by Jason Pierce, sharing a restless spirit with the spiritualized guru, it is a fascinating insight into the world of Oli Burslem - a man so dedicated on pursuing his artistic vision that he ended up sleeping in the back of his Citroen while recording.

Burslem may have gone through a tortuous recording process, but the finished product would seem to be more than worth it – the squalling riffs of ‘pay off vs the struggle’, or the fire and brimstone climax to ‘layin it on the line’ are just a couple of astounding moments on a record that is full to the brim of them.


1. Bellyache
2. Fried
3. The Pursuit of Momentary Happiness
4. Words Fail Me
5. Blinded By The Lights 
6. Interlude
7. White Male Carnivore
8. Pay Off vs. The Struggle
9. Encore
10. Laying It On The Line 
11. This House Has No Living Room (Featuring J. Spaceman)