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Boy Harsher - Careful

Release Date: 01 Feb 2019
White LP
Nude Club
More Info:

A stunning, vividly imaginative ride through the minds of Boy Harsher as they return with their new album ‘Careful’, a record that takes in foreboding, ominous tones of ‘keep driving’ as well as the atmospheric, 80’s-tinged rhythms that will be familiar to all fans of the ‘stranger things’ soundtracks – an eerie sense of unease emanates from much of this release, a record that is as well-suited to the nightclubs as it is the night-drives.

Celebrating abandonment, while also mourning attachment and love, ‘Careful’ contains unnerving narrative soundscapes that are both bracing, high tempo and dynamic, while also delivering manifold emotions, from the nostalgic yearning of “LA” to the gripping intensity of “come closer”. The nervousness of Augustus Muller's out of tune synths paired with the lush and sometimes brittle vocals of Jae Matthews, delivers an unsettled, yet a fulfilling encounter with Boy Harsher on their most dynamic album to date.


  1. keep driving
  2. face the fire
  3. fate
  4. la
  5. come closer
  6. they look you gave (jerry)
  7. tears
  8. crush
  9. lost
  10. careful
Boy Harsher