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The Futureheads - Powers

Release Date: 30 Aug 2019
Magenta coloured vinyl
More Info:

The North East post-punk band returned to their roots on recent single 'Jekyll', a biting, angular slice of guitar pop. 

Part of a broader full band project, The Futureheads have now detailed their first full electronic album in a decade. 

New record 'Powers' lands on August 30th, with frontman Ross Millard commenting: 

“Obviously it’s an absolute privilege to come back and still have fans and that’s something to cherish but I also think we’ve got a bit of a job to do about letting people know that there’s more to this band than you might have thought.”


1. Jekyll
2. Good Night Out
3. Animus
4. Across The Border
5. Electric Shock
6. Stranger In A New Town
7. Listen, Little Man!
8. Headcase
9. Idle Hands
10. Don't Look Now
11. 07:04
12. Mortals

The Futureheads