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Ash - Islands

Release Date: 18 May 2018
Silver LP
More Info:

Twenty five years on from the band's emergence as teenagers on Belfast's DIY scene, Ash return with their seventh studio album Islands. The album marks a return to Infectious Music, previously home to the band for the number one albums 1977 and Free All Angels.

The album was produced by Tim Wheeler, with additional production by Mark Hamilton, Rick McMurray and Claudius Mittendorfer. The album was mixed at the band's own studio in New York.


  1. true story
  2. annabel
  3. buzzkill
  4. confessions in the pool
  5. all that i have left
  6. don't need your love
  7. somersault
  8. did your love burn out?
  9. silver suit
  10. it's a trap
  11. is it true?
  12. incoming waves