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Flasher - Constant Image

Release Date: 08 Jun 2018
Clear LP
Domino Records
More Info:

Indie's exclusive clear LP 

This DC garage band zip along at great pace on their debut full-length, wielding a sound like post-punk if it could have been made in glorious technicolor, together with thoughtful lyrics to boot.

Crackling with invention, this isn’t the sound of a band finding their feet; it’s the rare sound of three people who know exactly what they want to achieve from the start.

Fans of hinds, shopping and grooms will love this! “one of the best indie bands in the us right now” - Phil Taggart (BBC Radio 1).


  1. go
  2. pressure
  3. sun come and golden
  4. material
  5. xyz
  6. who’s got time?
  7. skim milk
  8. harsh light
  9. punching up
  10. business unusual