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Masayoshi Fujita - Book Of Life

Release Date: 27 Jul 2018
Clear LP
Erased Tapes
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Following on from his acclaimed works 'Stories and Apologues', Berlin-based composer and vibraphonist Masayoshi Fujita will release his new album 'Book Of Life', the third instalment in a trilogy of solo vibraphone recordings.

With 'Book Of Life' Masayoshi continues his mission in bringing the vibraphone — a relatively new invention in the history of instruments often kept in the background in orchestras and jazz outfits — into the spotlight.

Having trained as a drummer, Masayoshi began experimenting with the vibraphone, preparing its bars with kitchen foil or beads, playing it with the cello bow such as in fog or using the other end of the mallets to create a more ambient texture of sound, as with the title track.

Focussing on the vibraphone in this way sets Masayoshi apart, dedicating his artistic life to celebrating this fascinating and often underappreciated instrument and making his take on ambient and modern compositional styles a unique one.

“I think the vibraphone is capable of more interesting and beautiful sounds that haven’t been heard before. It’s quite a new instrument but it’s often played in a similar way. I feel that there is a lot more to explore with this exciting instrument.”

'Book Of Life' sees Masayoshi expand on his compositional skills, bringing in more orchestral elements such as strings, brass and even a choir to interact with the vibraphone. And not just any choir — members of this chorus include musical friends Peter Broderick, Hatis Noit, David Allred and shards who featured on Nils Frahm’s latest album 'All Melody'.

The instruments come to represent characters in Masayoshi’s stories, hinted at in each accompanying text contained in the album booklet, which Masayoshi recites at his live performances. They set the scene for each piece, for example “the choir in 'Misty Avalanche' is meant to resemble the blizzard, while the vibraphone is the bird hovering above,” he explains.


  1. snowy night tale
  2. fog
  3. it’s magical
  4. old automation
  5. book of life
  6. harp
  7. mountain deer
  8. sadness
  9. misty avalanche
  10. cloud of light


Masayoshi Fujita