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Luluc - Sculptor

Release Date: 13 Jul 2018
Violet 'Loser Edition' LP
Sub Pop
More Info:

Sculptor can be consumed loud, because while Luluc's music is at times masterful in it’s minimalism, it is anything but quiet in impact. There’s a turning point people experience when hearing Luluc. Gripping quality pulses through Sculptor. Randell writes with more experimentation and possibility. Sonically, the band have broadened their palette. Multi-instrumentalist, singer, and producer Steve Hassett mastered a spectrum of instruments to fully realize the album’s expansive and daring vision. Randell and Hassett did nearly all of the writing, recording, and producing themselves, but their vision is far from insular. In addition to Mascis, Sculptor features contributions from Aaron Dessner (The National, and producer of Passerby), Jim White of Dirty Three, Matt Eccles, and Dave Nelson. Recording took place in Luluc’s new Brooklyn studio, which they built themselves.


  1. spring
  2. heist
  3. kids
  4. controversy
  5. cambridge
  6. me and jasper
  7. genius
  8. moon girl
  9. needn't be
  10. sculptor