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Pride - Pride

Release Date: 23 Nov 2018
Get On Down
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David Axelrod’s 1970 Collaboration With His Son Michael Axelrod. Dig deep in to the released output of famed producer David Axelrod and you’ll discover this gem, Pride. The single self-titled release is the pairing of Axelrod with his son Michael. The father-son duo deliver psychedelic pop with what many may call a Baroque folk-rock twist. Issued in 1970, the project is somewhat in the realm of the output from groups such as Love or The Byrds – but indelibly David Axelrod through and through. A1. Proud Sorrow A2. A Hope A3. The Death Of Juan Diaz A4. The Truth B1. In The Wilderness B2. Worthless Pleasures B3. Returning Home B4. Song Of The Pirate