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Ill Bill - What's Wrong With Bill

Release Date: 23 Nov 2018
Box Set: 3LP + 7" with 24 Page Booklet & Poster
Uncle Howie Records
More Info:

Produced entirely by shock rap magnate Necro, What's Wrong with Bill? is expectedly unflinching in its portrayal of the white ghetto experience with the feel of a dirty, limited run, behind-the-counter comic book. Ill Bill portrays a character that sees in monochrome, struggles in Technicolor, and speaks with blood scarlet letters, rapping about serial killers, drug dealing and illicit sexual encounters. Nas' influence, meanwhile, shows in Ill Bill's housing project observations-- though he goes a step further and commits as many of the crimes as he witnesses. Distilling DJ Premier's processed drums, Pete Rock's seamless sample chops and the Automator's clean mixdowns, Necro amalgamates several pivotal elements in production to create a unique backdrop for Ill Bill to play across. Whether he's juxtaposing G-funk synth lasers with 70s bass grooves on "Glenwood Projects", crisscrossing suspended strings and shitkicking snares for "The Final Scene" or incorporating pedal-stomping guitar funk, hockey organ and barbershop choruses on "Unstoppable", Necro seems to have a delicate feel for the production that best suits his artist. TRACKLIST: 1. What’s Wrong? 2. Overkill 3. The Anatomy Of A School Shooting 4. Glenwood Projects Feat. Uncle Howie, Necro & Goretex 5. Peace Sells 6. Unstoppable 7. Death Smiles At Murder Feat. Mr. Hyde 8. Chasing The Dragon Feat. Necro 9. Alien Workshop 10. Canarsie Artie’s Brigade Feat. Necro, Q-Unique & Goretex 11. Porno Director Feat. Goretex & Sabac Red 12. American History X 13. Uncle Zowie 14. Legend Has It 15. The Final Scene 16. Chasing The Dragon Feat. Necro (Moshpit Mix)

Ill Bill