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Pete Rock - NY's Finest Instrumentals

Release Date: 27 Nov 2020
Nature Sounds
More Info:

A set of 16 instrumentals and two
bonus beats from the legend himself:
Pete Rock.
- Bonus Tracks are exclusive to the
instrumental album. He made remixes matter more than the original
songs. He introduced dramatic, forceful horns
to rap’s sonic discussion. It almost goes without
saying that Pete Rock is one of the greatest
hip-hop producers of all time. After years out of
print, the instrumental version of Pete's
acclaimed album “NY's Finest” is back on vinyl,
complete with new artwork and colored vinyl.
“NYs Finest Instrumentals” features 16 timeless
Pete Rock tracks, including two bonus beats
(“When I Need It” and “It's So G”) that weren't
included on the vocal version of the album.

Pete Rock